Are you looking for a family dentist in Peoria, Arizona? If so, you’re in the right place! Here at Plaza Family Dental, we pride ourselves on being the “Costco” equivalent of the dental world- we have it all. Our procedures range from root canals, dentures, TMJ treatment, etc. We open early at 7 am to keep up with the rush!

At Plaza Family Dental, we go the extra mile for your smile. So if you’re tired of mediocre care, set up an appointment! We’ll show you exceptional dentistry at its finest. 


What Services do we Provide? 

Practically everything! As a team of family dentists, we cover most treatments across all ages. We provide treatments such as: 

Our dental office is a portal into a pain-free, healthy world. Why wait when we can relieve your pain in minutes? 


What is a Family Dentist? 

A family dentist specializes in dental care for all ages. After all, working on baby teeth is different than elderly dentures! 

Unlike general dentists, our family dentists don’t restrict patients to a certain age (such as 16 and older). Think of a family dentist’s office as a “one-stop miracle” that can solve all your family’s needs. As a family dental office, we perform these miracles on a regular. Impress your family and friends with your dental expertise, and bring them to Plaza Family Dental. 


What are the Benefits of Family Dentistry? 

The benefits of a family dentist are numerous: faster queue times, more dental procedures available, and dentists who can interact well with children. As our team is prepared to handle large groups of people, there aren’t any crazy waitlists here! Although we have magazines in the waiting lounge, we doubt you’ll need them. 


Why Does Plaza Family Dental Have so Many 5-Star Reviews? 

We take pride in a healthier community. Our family dentists wake up each morning ready to make a positive impact in Peoria, Arizona. Dr. Polerecky, Dr. Wildung, and Dr. Sweidan have sworn the Hippocratic Oath and spent decades refining their dental craft to help the community. With their dedication and love for the art, it’s no surprise our reviews are constantly so high. 


The Best Family Dentists in Peoria: 

Behind every great dentist is a great team! We couldn’t be more proud of our assistants, hygienists, and office staff. As for our fantastic dentists, you can learn more about them below: 

Dr. James P. Polerecky 

We certainly won the lottery when Dr. Polerecky joined our team! A man with a plan, Dr. Polerecky graduated with his Dental Degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He owned a private practice for over 25 years in Nebraska as a General Practice Dentist. 

Dr. Aaron Wildung

Dr. Wildung, D.D.S, started his dental career as a dental assistant after high school and throughout college. This young prodigy graduated dental school from Virginia Commonwealth. Dr. Wildung is an outstanding dentist with his feet firmly planted in reality. If you’re ready to turn your teeth into pearly-white gems, this is the man to call. 

Dr. Haya Sweidan

Dr. Sweidan graduated from the College of Dental Medicine at Midwestern University. She is an exceptionally talented dentist who’s trained to provide you with the highest quality of dental care. Closely affiliated with the American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, and the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Sweidan is one-of-a-kind!


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We could fill a dictionary with all the 5-star reviews we’ve received! Feel free to read over them if you’re curious. Ultimately, it’ll lead you to the same conclusion that hundreds of others have already made: Plaza Family Dental has the best treatments and family dentists in Peoria.

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