Dentures & Partials in Peoria, AZ

When some or all of a person’s teeth are missing, partial and full dentures are often the best way to replace the teeth. Missing teeth can cause a variety of oral health problems, force a person to change their diet radically and will also prevent a person from smiling as much as they should. Plaza Family Dental can’t wait to get you smiling again.


Dentures and Partials Peoria, AZ

Are you considering dentures and partials in Peoria? At Plaza Family Dental we are proud to offer both depending upon your oral health and ultimate smile goals.

  • Full Dentures Peoria – if a person is missing all of the teeth on the top or bottom of their mouth, full dentures are used. Made from materials designed to mimic the natural look of the gums and teeth, full dentures are highly effective for restoring the smile, preventing facial sagging and allowing the wearer to eat and speak with ease.
  • Partial Dentures Peoria – when there are still remaining healthy teeth, partial dentures are used instead of full. Based on the location of the remaining teeth, each partial denture is made to fit the mouth perfectly. In addition to all the functionality regained like full dentures, partial dentures can actually keep the reaming teeth healthy by giving them support.


Traditional Dentures vs. Implant Supported Dentures

Traditionally, dentures have been kept in place via adhesive strips and/or suction. This can occasionally cause irritation to the gums and is not always as secure as you would like. Implant supported dentures attach to several dental implants that are fused with the jaw bone in order to give better support, feel more comfortable and give the wearer more confidence.