Dental Extractions in Peoria, AZ

Your dentist at Plaza Family Dental always has your best interests in mind. Our team will work to preserve and maintain your oral health so that you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums for as long as possible. Unfortunately, situations come up when it is most beneficial for you to have a tooth or more removed. If this is recommended for you, you can have confidence that you will undergo a comfortable treatment, and we will work to ensure that you recover quickly in Peoria, AZ.


Why are Dental Extractions Recommended?

An extraction will only be recommended at Plaza Family Dental if an affected tooth threatens the health of the surrounding teeth and gums. A common reason why an extraction would be necessary is impacted wisdom teeth. Because wisdom teeth come in after the rest of the teeth have already erupted, they usually come in at an angle. If left unaddressed, the impacted teeth could lead to problems such as a change in the bite or even an infection. Teeth may also be removed if they have become severely infected from a cavity and can no longer be treated sufficiently with a dental filling or root canal. Crowding is another reason your dentist may recommend an extraction in Peoria, AZ, especially if you plan on undergoing orthodontic treatment.


Simple Extraction

If the tooth has fully erupted and is easily accessible, a simple extraction will be performed. A local anesthetic will be applied to keep you as comfortable as possible (you may feel pressure, but no pain) and your dentist will loosen the tooth using dental tools before removing it from the gums.


Surgical Extraction

On the other hand, if the tooth is impacted or has not fully erupted, surgery will be needed. In this procedure, you will receive local anesthesia and possibly another form of sedation to keep you relaxed. Your dentist will then cut into the gums in order to access the tooth (or teeth). It may need to be broken up into pieces before it can be removed. The gums will then be stitched back together.

Hearing that you will need a tooth extraction might sound scary, but at our dental office near you in Peoria, AZ, we will work to provide the best, most comfortable care possible.