Dental Exams & Cleanings in Peoria, AZ

Looking for a new dentist that offers dental exams and cleanings in Peoria, AZ? An integral part of good oral health is regular visits to the dentist for a dental exam and cleaning. Even the most diligent brushing and flossing routine will not be able to get rid of all traces of plaque and food debris, and certainly will not be able to detect any potential oral diseases.


Dental Exams Peoria, AZ

Think you may benefit from dental exams in Peoria? A general exam includes a thorough evaluation of the teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Signs of plaque and cavities will be examined, and, to be thorough, the health of the gums will be evaluated as well. Checking each of these areas can point to signs of dental issues that may be developing. These issues, such as gum disease, are easier to prevent in their early stages, but usually, do not start showing signs until they have reached a more advanced stage. This is why it’s important to get regular checkups. X-rays are usually taken once a year.


Dental Cleanings Peoria, AZ

When is the last time you had dental cleanings in Peoria? A dental cleaning is usually performed by a hygienist and starts with the removal of plaque and tartar between the teeth and along the gum line. The hygienist follows this by brushing the teeth with a high-powered electric toothbrush using a special toothpaste. This toothpaste differs from any store-bought kinds because it has a gritty consistency that can gently scrub and polish the teeth, removing any remaining traces of tartar. Following that, the hygienist will floss the teeth, removing any leftover plaque or toothpaste. The flossing motion can also alert them to possible areas where there is bleeding. The dentist will usually come in at the end of the appointment to discuss the patient’s oral health condition and any potential dental issues.


Schedule Dental Exams and Dental Cleanings in Peoria, AZ

Ready for your dental exams and cleanings in Peoria? It is recommended that dental exams and cleanings take place twice a year (every six months). Schedule yours today!