Dental Crowns & Bridges in Peoria, AZ

Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed onto either existing teeth or onto dental implants. Crowns are also known as “caps” as they cover a damaged tooth or dental implant. Bridges are used to fill in a gap where a tooth (or teeth) is missing. Interested in dental crowns and bridges? Schedule an appointment with Plaza Family Dental today!


Benefits of Dental Crowns

Crowns are effective at saving a tooth by restoring one that has fractured or protecting a weak one from fracturing. They can change the appearance of a tooth and protect it after it has undergone a dental procedure such as a root canal.


Dental Crowns Peoria, AZ

Interested in dental crowns in Peoria? To place a crown on a tooth, there must be enough room for the crown. This is done by shaving down some of the tooth enamel. The tooth will be numbed for the procedure. Any decay that is present on the tooth will also be removed. Once the tooth is the right size and shape, impressions will be taken of it. These impressions are sent to a dental lab where the crown will be created. A temporary crown may be placed on the tooth while waiting for the permanent covering to be prepared. Once it comes in, the dentist will place it on the tooth to check the fit, then cement it into place.

At Plaza Family Dental in Peoria, AZ, we utilize porcelain crowns, which offer the advantage of having the closest appearance to natural teeth.


Benefits of Dental Bridges

Leaving a gap untreated allows the remaining teeth to shift around on the gum line, which can lead to bite problems. Filling in the gap with a dental bridge stops teeth from shifting, preventing bite problems and TMJ disorders.


Dental Bridges Peoria, AZ

A dental bridge usually consists of two crowns that serve as anchors (called abutment teeth) for an artificial tooth called the pontic that spans the space in between. To place a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are prepared to receive dental crowns, and a temporary bridge is placed to protect the exposed teeth and gums. A bridge is also created in a dental lab, and when the bridge, pontic, and crowns are ready, they will be fitted and cemented into place during a second visit.


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